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Anybody that wants to book with me or has upcoming appointments PLEASE READ 

•Preventing COVID and staying safe is very important to me No sick kids can come to their appointment, I will turn you back at the door & reschedule you (no extra deposit required)

•If you bring your child to his or her appointment and their hair is not FRESHLY washed I will reschedule you, I can NOT work to the best of my ability with OILY & GREASY hair. (idc if it’s till wet) I will blow it out free of charge I just want it washed!! And when I say freshly washed I mean the day of or night before not a few days ago or last week.

•If you come to your appointment with extra people I will reschedule you.

•When I comes to being late as long as we have communicated I give a reasonable grace period because things can happen. 

•When is comes to no shows you will NOT be able to rebook with me. Just out of consideration  It’s not hard to simply tell someone you can’t come I promise that don’t make me upset I’m a very understanding person and we can always reschedule. 

•A deposit is required to secure any appointments that are scheduled.


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